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Modern Digital Asset Management for modern learning development teams

Welcome to ARC, the modern Learning Digital Asset Management (LDAM) solution made for the learning organizations, by a learning organization. Now manage thousands of assets created across the organization from one central location. Whatever be your requirement – icons, stock photographs, custom illustrations, stock videos, audio files, eLearning templates, modern PowerPoint presentations, visually rich storyboard templates and more – ARC uses AI to manage and bring the right asset out in a matter of seconds.

Need ARC with ready to use assets? We’ve got you covered.

“water body with a scenic background”

How It Works


Upload existing assets. (or use ARC’s assets)


Tag assets with relevant keywords using AI tagging automation.


Search for specific asset by keyword, description, colour, etc.


Select your file type, download your content in a variety of dimensions and formats.


Use as is or edit and work efficiently.

“water body with a scenic background”

Manage more than 100 different assets types

With support for a vast number of asset types, ARC is a perfect DAM companion for content projects of any type and size. If you don’t have your own assets, use’s ARC vast library of assets to get started.

Generate tags automatically with built-in OpenAI integration

With built-in OpenAI integration ARC now allows you to focus on your creative talents and generates tags for your assets automatically. Save upto 60% of your time

Smart Search, for accurate results

With ARC’s SmartSearch bar now you can find your asset and related assets in a very intuitive manner.

Welcome to the future of Digital Asset Management

Unlock your imagination with ARC’s AI-based LDAM

Revolutionizing Tag generation

Our AI-based tags generator uses machine learning to automatically tag your assets with relevant metadata. This saves you time and effort, and ensures that your assets are properly organized and searchable. The tags generator can identify objects, scenes, and text in your assets, and apply the appropriate tags accordingly.

Here are some of the benefits of using an AI-based tags generator for your DAM software:
Save time and effort by automating the tagging process
Ensure that your assets are properly organized and searchable
Improve the discoverability of your assets
Spend time where it matters – creating beautiful learning!!

Indulge in Artistic Delight

Dive into a mesmerizing experience of managing your digital art that transcends boundaries and ignites your imagination. With ARC, you can explore a vast collection of stunning images, videos, icons, stock images, audio files, learning templates and more to unleash your learning potential like never before.